My name is Dr. Bill DeMoss. I practice Chiropractic in Newport Beach, California. I’ve been using the amazing floral arrangements from Vida for years. I do a lot of corporate workshops in the community and will always send these businesses flowers as a thank you. Also I have amazing patients so when I need a gift that goes way over the top, I call Vida. Her arrangements are so unique and tropical. People are blown away by how much different these arrangements are. Try it out and see what happens when you send live floral eye candy.

Vida Rocks!"

— Billy D DC
DeMoss Chiropractic


"Miss Gabriela, Thank you so very much for the amazingly gorgeous florals! My bouquet (and everything else) was to die for. Your patience and tolerance of my indecisiveness was truly appreciated.

We hope all is well with you!"

— Yvi & Allen



Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the flowers. It was such a surprise to see your stuff and I am so glad I let you just “work your magic” because the arrangements were seriously divine!

Your artistry and commitment are genuine.

Thank you so much!"

— Sarah & Charles


“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Gabriela Solano & VIDA Floral for the incredibly useful and distinguished service that they provide. As a busy professional seeing clients back to back as a Chiropractor, important dates can be hard to keep up with and giving meaningful gifts, with creativity and class, can be both hard to find and deliver. VIDA Floral takes care of all of this for me. On special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and any other special day, VIDA Floral delivers the most elegant and beautiful flower arrangements, with the touch of artistry and craft, that gives full dignity to the meaning of the events that an arrangement of flowers is perfect for. Being able to pre-arrange the dates of the events, and the design of the arrangements, allows me to maintain my ability to honor and do justice to those special days. Without the useful service that VIDA Floral provides for these special occasions I would be lost. It allows me to focus on my patients, which is what I do best, while I let VIDA Floral take care of what they are experts in, delivering beautiful flower arrangements that convey the importance of any occasion. I give VIDA Floral my highest recommendation.”

— Rod Klopfer


"We have used VIDA floral with jaw-dropping success to create atmosphere within our office. It isn't just flowers it's a palate that is colored in with flowers. Extraordinary work even for ordinary situations."

— The Wellness Champion


"VIDA, You are wonderful! Thank you so much for all the beautiful and artistic floral arrangements, they are awesome! I have never received so many compliments from clients that I have sent flowers too. Attorneys, doctors, CEO's and even my mother were really impressed with the creative way you illustrated the flowers. I will continue to use your services."

— Vasili John Gatsinaris, 
DC OC Health Team


September 19, 2007

"Gabriela, on Monday, I saw a flower arrangment designed by you at Saigon Grill in Irvine. It looked amazing. Just want to drop you a note to let you know that your work brought me a few minutes of joy as I was waiting for my take out order :) I will keep your business card in my files and would love to order from you in the future."

— Ellen F.


August 24, 2007

“VIDA recently provided all of the floral design for a high-end reception held at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. I have never personally worked with an individual who is so in-tune with creative design and artistic elements within her work as Gabriela. I was extra impressed by the time Gabriela took prior to the event to come out and look at the space she was working with. The arrangements that were created were matched to fit our Art Center’s environment and attitude, even our landscape! Gabriela’s eye for texture, color, and fresh concept really sets VIDA apart from others who typically give clients “cookie-cutter design”. VIDA accentuated the Irvine Fine Art Center’s colorful reputation, and represented the Center’s appreciation for design through flowers.”

— Katherine Metz 
Irvine Fine Arts Center